About Me

 Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lois better known as Peach or Peachy.  My wonderful fiance and I live in Central New York with our cat Mini.  We also enjoy time we spend with his almost five year old son!  I am 40 something wanna-be-chef or pastry artist.  To me cooking and baking are a creative outlet.  A way to express myself.  I enjoy watching Food Network, browsing recipes, cooking over a campfire and creating in my kitchen.  

I started cooking at an early age and would often substitute something I thought was similar.  I had many failures and a few minor mishaps with fires and almost losing a finger or a toe!  My Dad would tell me to follow the recipe, if I didn't have the right ingredient find a different recipe.  Good advice but not very satisfying to my culinary curiosity.  What I began to do is make the recipe as written the first time and then change an ingredient, add an ingredient or omit one all together.  Many of my go to recipes are actually recipes I have altered to fit my tastes.  All in all to me the most important ingredient is LOVE.  If you don't approach each recipe with love it's just another chore.

I hope you'll join me on my culinary adventure and together we learn something new!